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Organic Farm

kale row crop blue sky

Our 22 Acre Certified Organic Farm is located just around the corner from the market. This is where the program participants will spend their time training and learning about all areas of the farm including row crops, tree crops, covered crops, and livestock. The farm features a hoop house and nursery with irrigation for year-long production.

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farm row crops

Produce Gallery

We grow various produce.

The growing season fluctuates so depending on the time of year you may find any of the following produce being grown at the farm:

Kale - Heirloom Tomatoes - Beets - Turnips - Swiss chard

Carrots - Tatsoi - Mizuna - Broccoli - Mustard greens

Lettuce - Cauliflower - Chinese Cabbage - Celery - Leek

Brussels Sprouts - Chicory - Cucumber - Squash - Peppers

Eggplant - Basil - Cilantro - Kohlrabi - Fennel - Onions - Arugula

Spinach - Okra - Cabbage